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Securing blockchain and helping others understand the world of virtual currencies. 6Litr Crypto is a mining and consulting company managing both ASIC and GPU mining equipment. If you want to learn more about blockchain technology or interested in building and running your own mining equipment, we can help. A managed miner space is also offered for those who do not wish to house their own equipment or don't have the power, but wish to join the revolution. Colocation What is colocation and why with us? Decentralization is the cornerstone of cryptocurrency, but sometimes it is not feasible to house miners in your own home. Whether it is due to the high cost of power or lack of place to store them while they run 24/7. For those with the financial means to purchase equipment but not a suitable location to run them, industrial space is available at reasonable power rates. We also offer continual monitoring and physical attention as needed. Furthermore, we can custom build mining equipment to suit your needs and budget. Considerations for colocation: Running multiple ASIC miners can be very costly on residential electricity rates. We have cheap power rates and offer competitive prices to keep you mining at a profit. Maintenance of mining equipment can take time out of your busy schedule. Just send us your equipment and we will keep it running for you. ASIC miners are very loud and not always welcome in your house or residential neighborhoods. Custom GPU’s can require a lot of attention and time. We can build and manage them for you, allowing you to monitor their status remotely.

Feature 1:  Hosting with us*

Feature 2:  NO annual contracts (due to crypto price volatility, we encourage you keep your miners in place for at least (2) months)

Feature 3:  NO initial setup fee, everything is figured into your monthly plan.

Feature 4:  We can include a personal VPN for you to manage your miners 24/7.

Feature 5:  Send mined currencies directly to the wallet of your choosing, we don’t manage your wallet.

Feature 6:  Secure 24/7 monitored facility.

Feature 7:  All equipment within the facility is insured.

Feature 8:  We accept payment in USD or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin-BTC or Moreno-XMR)

Feature 9:  All our colocation rates are based on 1600W units. As a result, you can use as little or as much of that unit as you want for one low price. Our rate per unit is $250/month at our Arizona location (Tennessee location is currently not accepting any more clients). This includes managed mining to the pool and wallet of you choice. We also offer a private VPN service if you choose to manage the miners yourself. You are responsible for your equipment if you choose to use a VPN.

Feature 10:  Terms & Conditions

Feature 11:  *All equipment owners interested in colocation must sign an agreement contract to protect both 6Litr Crypto, LLC and the equipment owners. This is not an agreement to host for any length of time.

Feature 12:  

Feature 13:  *You may utilize as much of the 1600W as you want but if your equipment goes over the limit you will be required to rent another 1600W unit.

Feature 14:  

Feature 15:  *Should you choose VPN access, we will not manage your equipment for you unless they require a hard reset or cleaning/maintenance. If excessive hard resets are required we reserve the right to revoke VPN access. This is done to ensure miners stay stable and hashing. We are not responsible for any damage to miners if they are modified outside factory settings. Cleaning will be conducted as necessary. Maintenance may incur additional costs if the miner needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for warranty. A small fee is required if you purchase hash boards separately and have them installed.5

Feature 16:  

Feature 17:  Rig Building & Installation

Feature 18:  

Feature 19:  We offer custom GPU mining rig build services along with advice on home use, installation, and management techniques. The simplest way to start!

Feature 20:  

Feature 21:  

Feature 22:  Colocation

Feature 23:  

Feature 24:  We provide space for rent in which to place your own ASIC mining equipment.

Feature 25:  

Feature 26:  The equipment will be continually managed with each miners profits sent to the renter’s wallet of choice.

Feature 27:  

Feature 28:  A marginal rental fee will cover power used and regular equipment maintenance.

Feature 29:  

Feature 30:  

Feature 31:  Consulting & Management

Feature 32:  

Feature 33:  Looking for small scale mining operations consultation and setup services?

Feature 34:  

Feature 35:  We can help advise you on the best methods to increase from a hobby to a small-scale farm.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Jan, 30 2019
"6Litr Crypto is a powerhouse of crypto expertise"
We continually utilise the services provided by 6Litr Crypto as they provide flawless execution, on time, on budget. An absolute pleasure to deal with.

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